Crofton Hall

Early Settlement

From the time of King John (1166 — 1216), there has been an estate at Crofton. In its heyday the estate featured Crofton Hall itself with an adjacent stable block, walled garden, formal gardens and subterranean icehouse, Coachman’s house, stone entrance archway with gatehouses, deer park and lake; not to mention several estate farms and other houses. The Brisco family dates back to the time of William “the conqueror" and are descendants of Charles II of Great Britain.

The Battle of Solway Moss

For King & Country

The battle of Solway Moss was one of the last major battles between the Scots and the English until the Jacobite Rebellions in the 18th century. Robert Brisco, Lord of Crofton Kt was leading his troops on the call of his cousins and leaders of the English troops; Lord Wharton and Sir William Musgrave. While commanding the battle Robert Brisco was killed in action. Henry VIII granted substantial land and money to Robert's widow and heir John Brisco (who was an infant at the time) as thanks for Roberts sacrifice. The English comprehensively won the battle and following the defeat James V took seriously ill and soon died after this many say from grief. 

English Civil War

The Brisco's and the Civil War

In 1642 England broke into civil war when the Parliamentary troops fought the Royalists. The Brisco family like many in the period were split in their loyalty. As they had been for over 500 years previously most of the family were loyal to the crown and fought in the Cavalier Army alongside King Charles I, an ancestor of the current family. However not everyone! Colonel William Brisco MP was known to be a strict Parliamentarian and served under Cromwell, at first to his reward but ultimately his downfall. 

The Georgian Era at Crofton Hall

Glitz & Glamour

The house is still in full use and is still home to the Brisco Baronets and their family. The hall will soon find that it comes into great prosperity and hosts many events, shoots and grand parties in the north of Cumbria. `Crofton Hall had around 65 staff during this period up until around 1900. The two parts of the hall date from 1665 and the picture above of the Georgian wing dating from 1800. 

Decline & Fall

The end of Crofton Hall

Like many country estates following the First World War, Crofton Hall saw a decline in its fortunes during the 1920's & 30's. After the outbreak of the second world war the house became a temporary hospital for injured soldiers as well as housing children evacuees in the hall. In 1951 after over half a century in decline the Hall is knocked down. Bringing to a close the 800 year association with the Brisco & Crofton families. 


Founded in 2017

31st January 2017 - Crofton & Hall Limited is registers with companies house and the brand is formed with the aim of attracting the very best in British fashion & accessories. Working with some of the longest serving and most well known British brands as well as supporting the future, with exciting, quality new British brands all part of the C&H world. 

Lady Tatiana Mountbatten

C&H's Brand Ambassador

In November 2018 C&H were proud to announce Lady Tatiana Mountbatten as their new brand ambassador. Promoting the world of C&H, Lady Tatiana hosted an event at the Lanesborough Hotel in London.

Crofton & Hall

Flagship Store Opening

2018 - As of October 2018, Crofton & Hall opened it's first high street store in the quint market town of Kirkby Lonsdale. Located in Cumbria near the boarders of both Lancashire & Yorkshire. Affirming our commitment to bringing the very best of British fashion to the North of England. 

The World's Only ALL British Department Store

Quintessential British fashion and accessories sourced from some of Britain's finest brands. 

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